“What is Normal?” by Ginny Scales Medeiros

This fascinating story follows the life of a young girl, Sue, who was born into abuse and poverty. She defeated the odds, winning through her own grit, determination and humorous ingenuity. She made her way from the backwoods of upstate New York, and lived in a trailer with her uneducated teenage parents–a structure that eventually became a chicken coop. Feeling invisible, she learned to take advantage of that invisibility and embarked on a Dickensesque-lifestyle of petty theft. By the time she was a young teenager, she had discovered the misguided benefits of drugs and alcohol. Sue emerged from the most likely NOT to succeed…into a success. On her own at 15, she invented a product sold on QVC. Battling her demons, Sue finally WINs over self-destruction and the world’s fantasy of What Normal is–and found her authentic self.


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“Chapter Four:

Second Grade for the

Second Time”


Sue was sucking her thumb. Again. She’d already chewed her cuticles down so far they were bleeding. She couldn’t help it. She was thinking about spending the next three days at Uncle Larry’s house. Uncle Larry always wanted to play those games in the bedroom with her and her sister Connie. Sue felt funny about it. It seemed naughty, but she sometimes could see her Aunt Janet cooking in the kitchen and smell that familiar rotten-egg odor that came from the well water her aunt had to boil before anyone could drink it. The door was always wide open, so everyone must know about the games. It must be all right for Connie and Sue to be under the covers with Uncle Larry, all three of them naked and touching him like that, right? It made Sue feel a bit tingly and knotted her stomach at the same time. She knew she’d go into the bedroom with him this weekend because it happened every time she went for a visit.
In the meantime, she continued to suck her thumb, chew her cuticles and daydream in class. Sue remembered how the morning had started, just like any other day.


What people are saying about Ginny’s new book “What is normal?”

A poignant testimony of the power of a woman’s faith inherself and in powers unseen. The authors journey is hauntingly familiar in the beginning – then takes a series of twists and turns that bring joy and triumph. Sue’s story resonates at a deep human level. I could not put it down until the very last page!
— Dyan Foster
Founder & Executive Director
Routes For Youth
Teens Teaching Through Theatre
Sonoma County Teen Court
Founder & Principal –  The Arts & Ethics Academy High School
Sonoma County CA
“Woman of The Year” State of California 2009


Ginny talks about being bullied

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